The Architecture of Care: Part 1. The Importance of Multigenerational Interaction

Image Source: Generations Working Together In this short series, we will cover the role of architecture in making retirement more ‘hospitable.’ Part 1 sets the stage by looking at the importance of multigenerational interaction. The second part studies the impact of architecture and design on interaction and quality of life. And, finally, Part 3 will […]

How To Advance Your Design Workflow

The architecture and construction industries have always been intrinsically tied to technological innovations. Every breakthrough in architectural style is a reflection of the advanced tools and materials that become available. In addition to revolutionizing the way we design, technology redefines our design inputs, generating new possibilities, and connections within our work. In this article we […]

Recycling Buildings With New Technology

The cutting-edge technologies that are being used in architecture may allow us to achieve goals in renovation and adaptive reuse that were not viable until now.

Revive Portugal – The Gateway to Eco-Conscious Tourism

revive portugal

How can we make a net positive impact on the future of this planet while making a profit? Although it may seem like an unattainable goal, there are an increasing number of ways to do this. The Revive Portugal program is one of them. According to the World Green Building Council, the construction and building […]

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